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Autochair_images_023The rotating car seat is designed specifically for each individual make and model of car, thus optimising both the available headroom and the available legroom. The unit is available in more than four variants depending on the specific users requirements. Armrests are available as an option providing that 'security' when necessary and are adjustable in their rake angle. The original seat can be refitted when required and no modification is made to the vehicle. 

 Seat height  720 mm  Rotating unit mass variable 10-15kg
 Seat width    520 mm

Rotating unit finish stove  enamelled black

 Seat length   470mm  Rotation nominally 90 degrees but vehicle dependent
 Uph Seat Mass 15 kg

 Operation easy slide 1 lever

 Colour black/ grey / Beige Double slide 2 lever
 Fabric as used by leading vehcile manufacturers Top slide 1 lever

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